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Contact Tim Gardner, IPTPA-certified instructor, for information on private or group lessons. 971-237-2313

Beginner Clinics


There are many online videos, websites, and podcasts available to help you improve your pickleball game -  here are a few suggestions:

Eddie and Webby talk beer, tech and pickleball. Each podcast contains a full, in-depth review of a specific beer, a review of the latest technology, and engaging discussions about pickleball adventures.

Vlogging, reviews, music videos, pickleball matches, beer, and tutorials.

Instructional videos, quick tips, tournament footage, and more.  New videos added every Friday.

Prem Carnot offers a podcast, blogs for beginning and advanced players, and a free ratings and goals guide.

A podcast where Morgan Evans talks with friends about pickleball, travel, and whatever else comes to mind. Sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, always entertaining.

Listen to episodes of Steve's call-in radio show based in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Video lessons from Nicole Havlicek and Jordan Briones.

Professional coach Mark Renneson offers instructional videos, books, a podcast, and other resources.

Read about pickleball basics, strategies, and tips for health and safety.