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Membership Dues

Annual membership runs from June 1st through May 31st. There are many benefits to joining Mac Pickleball Club.  An annual membership fee of $25 (individual), $40 (couple), or $45 (family) entitles you to:

  • Free organized club play outdoors with access to club nets and loaner paddles when a board member is present.

  • Attend seasonal round robin events at discounted or no additional charge.

  • Participate in Board of Directors nominations.

  • Connect with other club members through the TeamReach app to set up your own play groups,  share information about court and weather conditions, respond to club polls, etc.

Your membership dues will help support the following:

  • City Park court improvements (paddle holders, seating, signage, lights, etc.)

  • Equipment and supplies

  • A pickleball summer fun clinic for beginners

  • Club-sponsored round robin events and other tournaments

  • Capital funding for a potential pickleball facility

  • Access to indoor play venues

How to Join

  1.  Complete the online membership form below (preferred) or download a fillable PDF version.

  2.  Provide payment via PayPal/secure VISA (links below)

Mac Pickleball Club, Inc.

Annual Membership/Renewal Form

Enter your contact information here. 


I recognize and understand there are certain inherent risks playing pickleball and participating in activities organized by the Mac Pickleball Club Inc. (MPBCI). In doing so, I release and withhold all claims, liability, damages (in law or in equity) including injuries related to playing conditions to MPBCI and its directors, officers, agents, and employees. I assume full responsibility for any injury or illness that I, or any additional family members, may sustain as a result of my physical condition in any MPBCI events. MPBCI does not possess, control, maintain any pickleball court or equipment, and I assume sole responsibility for determining the safety and conditions of risk while participating. I understand it is my responsibility to provide my own accident and health insurance coverage. MPBCI, their directors and officers, do not provide any accident or health insurance for participants or volunteers and MPBCI has no obligation to provide financial assistance in the event of injury. I will indemnify, defend and hold MPBCI, along with its directors and officers harmless from all liability, damage, and costs related to the acts and/or omissions of my participation. I also give permission for MPBCI to use, distribute, without limitation or obligation, any record of events, which may include my voice or image. As evidenced by my signature, I hereby, for my heirs, administrators and assignees, release, waive and hold harmless MPBCI, their directors, officers and agents from any manner of claims or lawsuits that may result from my participation, or the participation of any additional family members, in this sport. If the participant is under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.



One-year membership,

expires at the end of the current membership year.



One-year membership,

expires at the end of the current membership year.



One-year membership,

expires at the end of the current membership year.


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